What program did you take?

I completed the Criticism and Curatorial Practice Program. I didn’t do a minor, I chose to dabble and experiment in a variety of other areas outside of my class.

Casey Hinton explaining one of her pieces, installed at the Harbourfront Centre

Casey Hinton explaining one of her pieces, installed at the Harbourfront Centre

What was your favorite class at OCAD U?

Hmmmm. I don’t think it’s possible to pick just one. I really honestly loved all my classes and the learning environment at OCAD. If I had to choose a favorite, it would be my thesis class in 4th year. The opportunity to propose, develop and realize my own project was so challenging and rewarding. I learned so much, and was really proud and excited with the exhibition that came from it. In addition, I had two of the most amazing teachers -Esther Choi and Jessica Wyman. Those ladies are fountains of knowledge and provided amazing learning and guidance.

What did you like about the atmosphere at OCAD U?

OCAD is so cool, because it’s unlike every other post-secondary institution. Everyone is just here because they love to make stuff, and a mess. People are open, and there are endless opportunities for collaboration. It’s really relaxed and fun, but serious and challenging at the same time.  It was inspiring to be surrounded by such amazing creative people, and it is something I certainly miss now that I’ve graduated. Although, it’s great because your classmates and peers become your colleagues out there in the “real world”, so you have such a great network and set of connections already.


College work – “Eyes in the Back of Her Head” – 2011

What was the most important thing you learned at OCAD U? 

To be successful. To be a creative thinker. To create opportunity where there is none. To problem solve. To collaborate. To have vision. To be open minded. I think these are lessons in success, and lessons I wouldn’t have learned anywhere else.

College work - "Par Avion" - 2011

College work – “Par Avion” – 2011

What have you been up to since Graduation?

What a loaded question. I have curated a few small exhibitions and taught art workshops and classes at a couple of camps. For two years I Co-Directed and Curated Art Spin, a series of bicycle led art tours. We would work with art galleries and creative spaces, and curate installations and performances to take place in interesting places and spaces. The event would involved meeting up with about 200 – 400 strangers, and leading them around on their bikes on our curated art tour.  That was so much fun, and such a rewarding organization to be a part of. Eventually I stepped away, because I wanted to shift gears, but Art Spin still exists and is an amazing event, in which I still participate.  Now I work full time in the Admissions & Recruitment Office at OCAD University, which is a pretty cool job. In addition, it has allowed me to return to school to pursue my interest in Sustainability in Design. I do some freelance writing and keep a blog of my own, and I still make work – I do a lot of collage and sculpture and show from time to time. It’s all about having a job you love, and being able to support your creative passions.


What are your goals moving forward?

For now, I love working at OCAD U and being a part-time student again. Eventually I would like to pursue a Master’s degree, and maybe someday I will return to OCAD U as a Professor. Here’s hoping!

You can find out more about Casey Hinton at her website www.caseyhinton.ca