Things are looking up!

My first melt down at OCAD U was about creating a postcard that communicated my personal identity to be hung in the auditorium. I can remember throwing myself on the living room floor having a melt down with intimidation about making sure my work was up to snuff and figuring out how to translate my identity to a 2D format. There is always major stress at your first critique and first introduction to new peers. Once I figured out my medium I was off and running and I just want to say that the work I produced was pretty fantastic and one of my favourites in the auditorium. Trust me, I am hard on myself so I would have known if I had done poorly. Part of being a creative maker is risk taking and being vulnerable, putting yourself out there to be judged and evaluated. Part of OCAD U’s valuation process is the group critique. It might sound daunting but you get used to it and the more you feel confident in your work the better the crit is. It is rewarding and challenging but really the feedback, positive and negative, really helps make you a stronger visual communicator. So don’t throw yourself on the living room rug. Chill out, breath and get to work. It’s worth it!