I know, applying to University can seem crazy. Deadlines pile up, forms need to be filled up…..I remember, it’s a bit nuts. I can’t tell you how to apply to other schools, but I can help you out taking the right steps for OCAD University!

1. Start a binder to keep track of everything. This binder can hold information about the programs you are applying for, contact numbers and emails, a checklist, scholarship information and deadlines. Divide it up, keep it organized and make an effort to add to it. This can be a great resource for all of the different information you need for each school you are applying to. Print off the emails you get (or save them in a folder in your email for easy access).

2. Do your research. Yes, we are an art & design school, but make sure you truly understand the programs we offer. Read about the programs. Look at the course calendar to see what classes you would take in each program. Explore the whole website – we make as much information as possible to you, so you can find out the answers you need to know! Find out if we have events, open houses, portfolio classes and portfolio review days (we do offer these things!)

3. Fill out an application. It is only possible to start at OCAD U in September of each year.  To apply to OCAD U you must fill out an application through the Ontario University Application Centre (www.ouac.on.ca). This application will be available online starting in October of each year, and is always due February 1st. Make sure you properly submit it and receive a confirmation email from us a couple days after you’ve submitted it.

4. Get your portfolio ready. The portfolio is how we make the admissions decision. We review portfolios every year in mid to late February. Once we have processed your application, we will assign you a date and time to review your portfolio. You can come in person with your portfolio, you can submit it digitally, or you can mail us a copy. See the following link for more information: www.ocadu.ca/preparing_a_portfolio

5. Check your email. We send out results & admissions decisions in early April. We send everything you need to know by email, so be sure to keep track, read things carefully and save a copy.

6. If you are accepted, make sure you are going to meet the academic requirements. These requirements are different for each student and depend on your education, first language, age etc. You can read the details at the following link, talk to your guidance councillor, or get in touch with the Admissions office by email. You will have until early August to meet the requirements and provide us with the necessary documents. Please note you cannot register for classes (which happens in early July) until you have met all of the requirements. http://www.ocadu.ca/prospective_students/admission_requirements.htm

7. Accept your offer through the OUAC website, and pay your tuition deposit. You will receive email information about both of these, and it is important to follow the instructions so that we save a place for you at OCAD U!

8. Check your admissions portal. You will receive access to an admissions portal where you can track your application, see what documents we have received, what we’re missing and all kinds of other helpful information.

9. Register for courses. You will receive email information!

10. Find a place to live, get ready to start school!

There are lot’s so small steps in between, like looking at residence or apartments, researching and applying for scholarships, coming to orientation events, but this will at least give you an outline to follow so that you don’t miss anything that would prevent you from becoming an OCAD U student. And remember, always just send us an email if you have any questions!