Deadlines are fast approaching, and if you’re applying to OCAD U it’s time to make sure everything is submitted!

If you’re applying to OCAD University, here is a handy checklist to help make sure you’ve got everything in order.

  • Apply and properly submit online through the Ontario University Application Center ( by February 1st, 2014.
  • Receive confirmation email from OCAD U (this can take up to 10 business days, ¬†check your spam/junk box)
  • Prepare portfolio & creative statement for review either in person, or to be submitted (date/time that your portfolio is due will be emailed – in person reviews take place February 18th – 22nd)
  • Submit documents, transcripts etc. to show that you meet the academic requirements. These will be due by early August at the latest. ¬†Sooner is always better. Final, original transcripts required. If you are currently in High School in Ontario, your school will take care of submitted an electronic transcript for you.
  • Come to OCAD U!

See, it’s really not as complicated as you think. If you need help with your portfolio guidelines and requirements, review them here. If you have questions about which academic requirements you must meet, check them out here.

And as always, it’s good to ask questions, get in touch!

Good luck!

-from the Admissions & Recruitment Team