Have you ever walked past the creative, cool kids standing in front of OCAD U and thought, if only I could be one of them! But I want to get a general Bachelor of Arts and OCAD U only offers Bachelor of Fine Arts and and Bachelor of Designs. Well now you can!

We are so excited to be offing a B.A. in Visual and Critical Studies option for our prospective students, allowing creative scholars an opportunity to pursue academics in a supportive, creative environment. From individuals with aspirations to be visual art academics, art historians, journalists, writers to museum practitioners, the new B.A. major allows you to pursue your dream under the OCAD U Tabletop. The bachelors program does not have the portfolio requirements that the studio-intensive programs do,  while still allowing students to have access to two studio classes to compliment their academics.


You might find yourself in a career writing for CMagazine, a provenance researcher at The Archive of Modern Conflict or a copy writer for an innovative design firm. A degree at OCAD U opens the doors to a creative, innovative future. This program is a perfect fit for those who are not makers, don’t see themselves as artists and designers but are still creative thinkers – a program for the creative academic!