At OCAD U we’re lucky to have a team of amazing faculty, who are dedicated to their own creative work, but also to the creative student community at OCAD U. One instructor in particular, Spencer J. Harrison, has played an important role in the Admissions & Recruitment Office at OCAD Universty as well as in the lives of the students with whom he works.

You might recognize Spencer, as he often represents OCAD U across North America, reviewing portfolios and guiding future artists and designers who want to attend OCAD U or pursue a creative education. He also deals extensively with issues of access, diversity and equity in his own creative practice. He was recently recognized by OCAD U with the BLG Faculty Equity Award, celebrating his success in the promotion of an inclusive work and learning environment.  

Spencer certainly deserves this recognition, and we want to congratulate him from the bottom of our hearts! His work, as well as the work of others, ensures that OCAD U remains an open, diverse, safe and welcoming space for any and every student.

To learn more about Spencer J. Harrison you can visit his website here or read his OCAD U faculty profile here.