Welcome to OCAD U KNOW U WANT IT, a blog by Admissions & Recruitment Office at OCAD University. This is a place for future undergraduate students to connect with OCAD U. Here you’ll be able to find out information about our school, our admissions procedure, portfolios, recruitment events, ways to get involved and opportunities to learn more. If you want to become a student at OCAD U – or pursue a creative education  – we want to help you get there successfully.

If you have specific questions about the Admissions process, please visit the OCAD University website at www.ocadu.ca/prospective_students



OCAD University has more depth and breadth in visual arts and design programs than any school of its kind in Canada. OCAD U offers its students a unique environment that combines studio-based learning with critical inquiry. Programs lead to a BFA, BDes or BA and  MA, MFA or MDes. If you are interested in a Graduate program, please visit www.ocadu.ca/graduate-studies.htm as this blog is geared towards those interested in undergraduate programs.

At OCAD U, we educate imaginations. OCAD U students experience a range of research contexts and methodologies via the university’s significant research arm. Now, they also have the opportunity to experience graduate programs.

OCAD U is located in the heart of Toronto, Canada’s largest centre for design, culture and business. This vibrant nexus brings together a diversity of creative forces. And where great minds meet, magic happens.

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Our office is made up of a small team of dedicated individuals who believe in an education in art and design. Some of us are OCAD Graduates, some of us are current part-time students, and all of us care a great a deal about this school.

Julie Staffieri is our Admissions Coordinator. She works tirelessly managing the First-year applications and students continue to come back long after they graduated, thanking her for the individual interest she took in them, to help them succeed in their application. She cares so much we worry that her heart might burst.

Tammy Madden is our Admissions Officer who manages Upper students and Transfer credits. She is also a current student, studying her passion for Sculpture on the side. She fights for students every day, to make sure that previous education is recognized and she has great insight into what it’s like to learn here. Her passion is education.

Donald Kelly is our Recruitment Officer, and spends much of his time abroad representing OCAD U on other continents. He graduated from the Environmental Design program, and his positive experiences as a student make him a fantastic representative for creative learning. Donald acts as the rock of our office, making sure we’re the best we can be.

Sean Baker is our Manager of Student Recruitment, attempting to keep all our personalities in order! He comes with a wealth of knowledge about post-secondary institutions and oversees undergraduate and graduate recruitment strategies. He’s constantly making sure we are connecting with as many students as possible, and is putting systems in place so we can do our job of helping future students, better.

Spencer Harrison is a Professor in the Faculty of Art, as well as a successful artist. Spencer works with our office reviewing portfolios, making presentations and representing OCAD U across the country. His passion and experience in art education makes him an invaluable member of our team, and his efforts to truly connect with students make him an excellent teacher, friend, artist, mentor and adviser.

Meghan O’Neill is our Assistant in the Admissions and Recruitment Office. When she is not DJing 90’s jams or working with her performance art collective SAM she’s here helping you figure out the application process and portfolio requirements. She’s the face of our office, and a friendly one, so don’t be a stranger. Meghan graduated from the Criticism & Curatorial Practice program at OCAD U in 2012.

Maryanne Casasanta is our Recruitment Coordinator and the newest face in the office. Maryanne is a practicing artist and works professionally as a photographer when she’s not on the road representing the OCAD U. She is a graduate from the Integrated Media program here and just earned her Master of Fine Arts from the University of Guelph. When’s she’s not busy working on her soon-to-be-published book, she shares DJ tips with Meghan from her days behind the tables.

Casey Hinton is me! – the Recruitment Officer. I graduated from the Criticism and Curatorial Practice program, and am now a returning student studying Sustainability in Design, again at OCAD U. I am constantly on the road in Canada and abroad, visiting high schools and representing OCAD U. I love my job and am passionate about sharing the possibilities of a creative education. When I have a spare moment, I make and show my own work, I write for my travel blog or you might find me on my bicycle. I’m the main voice behind this blog, and always happy if you want to get in touch!

From time to time we are lucky enough to hire current students and recent graduates who do work with our office, sharing their own stories and experiences to future students across this province. While they may not be individually represented here, they are valuable members of our team, and we could not do what we do without them. This year we are lucky to have a strong team of recruiters out on the road including Zeynep Sen, Frances Beatty, Beth Kotierk, Layne Hinton, Tim Manalo, Katie McGuire and Lauren Vaile. These fantastic folks are all artists, creativer makers and thinkers and have a roster full of neat activities when they are not working hard for us here at OCAD U.