Life Studies: explore where art meets science

Artists and designers are smart. We are creative thinkers and creative problem solvers. We are emotionally intelligent, have capacity for great insight and innovation and see the world through a slightly different lens. These attributes – along with your own… Continue Reading →

Portfolio Reviews: A Video

We know that the portflio process can be scary, but maybe this video will give you a glimpse into what the process is like!

It’s the Busiest Time of the Year!

On February 1st, your applications were due! (they’re open again now, until March 20th!). Then in February, we reviewed your portfolios – which were awesome – and now we’re back in the office madly trying to enter your transcripts, review… Continue Reading →

The Future is Here!

….and we have the program to prepare you for it! Digital Futures prepares students to work at the intersection of art, design, digital technology, science, business and enterprise. You can learn more about it here or, better yet, check out… Continue Reading →

Wait till you see my B.A.!

Have you ever walked past the creative, cool kids standing in front of OCAD U and thought, if only I could be one of them! But I want to get a general Bachelor of Arts and OCAD U only offers… Continue Reading →

Creative Workshops @ OCAD U

I talk to students all the time who are a little freaked out about pulling together a portfolio. If you feel like you don;t have enough work, or work that related to your program of choice, you might consider singing… Continue Reading →

Toronto Timelapse

There are a few really cool time lapse videos out there that show off and highlight Toronto. I have lived in this city for 9 years now, after moving here to attend OCAD U, and absolutely love it. I am… Continue Reading →

Step-by-Step: How to Apply to the Undergraduate Programs at OCAD U

I know, applying to University can seem crazy. Deadlines pile up, forms need to be filled up…..I remember, it’s a bit nuts. I can’t tell you how to apply to other schools, but I can help you out taking the… Continue Reading →

Come Visit Us!

Choosing a University is hard. And in Grade 12 you start to feel the pressure. Everyone starts asking you the dreaded “What are you doing after high school?” question. Your mom wants to know you’re not moving too far away…. Continue Reading →

Look Inside: a re-cap

More than 2,200 students and their families took the opportunity on Saturday to join Look Inside, OCAD University‚Äôs annual open house for those considering applying to study here. They had the chance to meet with alumni, try their hand at… Continue Reading →

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