Miki & Ricky “Our Point of View” – Toronto

For this assignment, we decided to compare our different perspectives and experiences with Toronto. We felt that we had a unique perspective since Ricky grew up in the city but I am from a small town and just moved to the city. We are two complete strangers who grew up in two very different places, but we are both currently in Toronto. Ricky thought of the city as busy, loud, and private. I, on the other hand, am from a small quiet town where everyone knows everyone and I have always admired the city for its excitement. We wanted to explore that opposite dynamic. We chose to do a mixed media approach, utilizing photography and illustration as well as poetry to communicate our story. We started off by looking at the lake since we both see the same water but very different views. From Toronto, all you see is a vast expanse of water, but from Hamilton, you can see the Toronto skyline across the lake. Then we decided to discuss the highway as an image that we both see as transporting possibility. We explored our love of music and what makes us feel like we’re floating away. We also explored the idea of privacy and anonymity in the city vs in a small town. Our last image is a combination of the King Streets in both Toronto and Dundas, symbolizing our appreciation and nostalgia for both lifestyles.

We utilized different styles and themes throughout the piece to signify Toronto vs Dundas. For example, the city is always represented by cool colours whereas Dundas is represented with warm colours. Ricky’s poetry is displayed in a typewriter style font whereas my poetry is displayed in a handwritten font. We mashed up images from both places throughout the piece to symbolize our combined experiences and perspectives.


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