The Story of My Land

There is not one specific place that I would consider as my main land, rather it is a feeling of comfort that can emerge from anything, anywhere, at any time. The story of my land begins at the root of my culture, it has been influenced by the generations before me, and will continue to be impacted by those who come after me. I connect with all the land that resonates with me because it allows me to live a life of adventure. Furthermore, I am grateful that Toronto is so culturally diverse because it brings people together through accepting, respecting, and acknowledging our differences.

Favourite Part – Andrew Cull

For this assignment I decided to use photography to depict an area of the land in which I live that is valuable to me. It is a space that has provided me with much needed detachment and tranquility over the past few years and, through this, has become a quite personal place to share. This project forced me to approach the environment that I visit daily with a renewed appreciation of the beauty of the land and provided me with vital historical context of the value it held to its original inhabitants.

City and Life— Xian

Now I live in Xi ‘an China. I have lived in Xi ‘an for five years, but I am not a native. When I saw this assignment, I first visited my family. We all felt that Xi ‘an was very suitable for physical and emotional rehabilitation, and it was a charming city. Before I came to Xi ‘an, my mother was in poor health, and I suffered a lot of school violence. It was Xi ‘an that taught me to keep my heart, Xi ‘an that taught us how to enjoy life, and the history and culture of this city that influenced me. The day and night in Xi ‘an are completely different. In the evening, I feel like I am in a dream in Xi ‘an under the light, and the delicious food in Xi ‘an is also very famous. These are the happiness that this city brings me.


Landing – Dancing – Grounding

In dance, grounding means to stay rooted in your lower body, which helps your upper body flow freely and quickly respond to any weight changes.
For me, finding that grounding also felt like landing. Dance helped me to connect to people, to the land, and to myself. I’m sure that if I go to another country and don’t understand a word anyone is saying, there would still be a community of people, where the dance language is a thing. So the land is part of me, and I am part of the land. Anywhere.
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