Toxic Forest Air- My POV

When introduced to this project, my first instinct for land was my home in Vancouver, where I grew up. Starting in the downtown Eastside to the forestial suburb of North Vancouver, there will always be a special place in my heart for the earth that made me who I am today. As I went deeper and wanted to focus on my point more, I thought of my high school as space and land with a community, culture, and rich earth and forest all around it. But in growing up on that land that is Handsworth Secondary, my memories were polluted, and my senses were overwhelmed as I remembered the patriarchal system within the bounds of a small community and could smell it too. I wanted to offer an experience of the smells of my youth and experience of toxic masculinity as a young woman. There is no smell more toxic and representational than Axe Body Spray. I wish I could offer you all the tester that I designed so you can better understand the force of it, but I hope you can feel it through my reciting of the stories of two women who, like me and billions more, go out in the world and face misogyny on the daily.

axebombfinal Eau de Patriarchy

Axe Tester POV scent