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Jeremy - San Fransisco


Hi Everyone:

My name is Jeremy Littler. I am LEAD New Media at the Rogers Communications Centre at Ryerson Unversity. Prior to that I was a Digital Media Designer (also at Ryerson). I have a B.A.A. in Applied Geography, a Master’s in Communications and Culture and an Advanced Interactive Multimedia Specialization from Humber College. My specific niche at Ryerson (amongst many others!)  is developing webcasting hardware/software solutions.  I love working with electronic gadgets and computer platforms (small and large) and at Ryerson I have a big sandbox!

In my spare time (what was that?), I enjoy playing guitar (not very well) and electric bass (much better) and I have composed a great deal of music over the years, mostly “electronic or ambient”; audio engineering is something I do a lot off at work and at home. When not doing that or keeping my three children (Emma, Charlotte and Madeline) occupied, I love to work on my UniteCast project ( Other than that, it is computers and AR/VR that drive my boat. This is why I decided to go to OCAD!




Some pics of the wife and kids (I was asked (nay forced) to upload these).



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