Cris: Serial Tutorial

I completed the serial tutorial yesterday.  Though I got everything to work, I can’t say I understand what every line of code is doing.  Conceptually and logically I understood the key lines of code, but would like to look deeper into what exactly is happening.

Had a little trouble with the circuitry for a few moments.  I couldn’t get the thing to work and it was really frustrating, until I realized that power and ground were not attached to the breadboard.  Small victories guys…that’s all I’m looking for.

I only had on hand a photo-sensor and a stretch sensor, which made it a little difficult to create an intuitive interface with them while still attached to the breadboard.  But I think stretch sensors could definitely be used to create an interesting interface if they are attached to clothes and could measure the extension and flexion of a limb for example.  Like a kind of hardware version of the Kinect’s motion tracking.

Here’s the vid of some of the tutorial.

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