Project 2: Social/Environmental – “The Drawing Board”

Hey Guys, Imaan here bringing you the documentation of “The Drawing Board” – an interactive, collaborative drawing board!

Our group, consisting of myself, Yifat, Demi, and Ryan started brainstorming this topic thinking of various ideas for an interactive, social installation.

We came to the conlusion that an interactive art board encompassed all of the features of interactivity and social creation we wanted, whilst being feasible given our time and technological constraints.

From there, we had to run through the numerous variables which this initial idea contains – the requirements, technology needed, problems and solutions – all of which became more apparent as we discussed it in greater depth.

After this process, we realized that the coding of this project would be too difficult to accomplish using Max MSP & Processing, given our lack of expertise in these areas. Our solution: prototype the interface in Processing, and once complete, port it to Flash to be actually built, using Demi’s fantastic coding skills!

Stay tuned for the video demo!

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