Weatherbe (working title)

WEATHERBE – by Demi Kandylis, Ryan Rizzo and Heather Phenix


Our inspiration for the Weatherbe project was informed by nature, and the desire to render the weather into an artistic and comparative visualization of data from a specific set of cities across the globe. But why? For one, we found the important connection between . . . → Read More: Weatherbe (working title)

Bellerade: The Masked Doorbell

Bellerade : The Masked Doorbell


Bellerade is a masked doorbell, designed to shake up the workspace at 205 Richmond a little. It’s my take on a more interesting, pleasing way to enter a room. I’ve often forgotten my student card when running around 205 Richmond, and for a while my card access . . . → Read More: Bellerade: The Masked Doorbell


I’m a 2nd year DFI grad student. I’m originally from Montreal and did a little growing up in New York. My work now is very project based, and involves producing and marketing a mix of media concepts – from documentary features and TV drama series along with their digital and mobile extensions for clients in . . . → Read More: Hey