We began this project by brainstorming ideas to on how to encompass our interests, address a problem in our lives, and connect people who may not necessarily be in the same space.

This led us to the conclusion that enhancing/augmenting the nature of webcam conversations was the direction we were aiming to go. Since . . . → Read More: HEARTSTRINGS

The Drawing Board: Initial Prototype & Final Product

Our initial prototype consisted of the Skeleton processing code we were given by nick, modified to track the hands of the user – allowing them to draw with the right hand, and control both stroke width and colour using the y and x axes of the left hand, respectively.

Click here . . . → Read More: The Drawing Board: Initial Prototype & Final Product

The Drawing Board: Aesthetics

Below is a compilation of the various brushes created by our in-house illustrator Yifat! Reflecting her “cute drawing phase”, these lovely creatures allow you to create unique collages with a choice of several backgrounds and canvas options.

. . . → Read More: The Drawing Board: Aesthetics

Project 2: Social/Environmental – “The Drawing Board”

Hey Guys, Imaan here bringing you the documentation of “The Drawing Board” – an interactive, collaborative drawing board!

Our group, consisting of myself, Yifat, Demi, and Ryan started brainstorming this topic thinking of various ideas for an interactive, social installation.

We came to the conlusion that an interactive art board encompassed all . . . → Read More: Project 2: Social/Environmental – “The Drawing Board”


Throughout the making of ‘Work Buds’ different codes were used from the public domain in order to successfully make your buds work!

These include:

The PING))) example in arduino:

The Servo Sweep example in arduino:

Apart from this and some research into different ways of controlling the servo, a lot . . . → Read More: CODE SOURCES


WORK BUDS have arrived! What are work buds you ask?

It’s desktop solution for chronic computing thats sweeping the nation (figuratively)!

Designed with your health and wealth in mind, work buds will kindly remind you to take a load off when you’ve been working for too long, keeping your mood up, and . . . → Read More: WORK BUDS


After my initial brainstorming process which led me to the notion of disrupting the gross amounts of time I spend in front of a computer screen, I decided to create a revised mind map to help break down the different aspects of this specific idea. My three main goals of this project were to:

. . . → Read More: REVISED MIND MAP

Initial Mind map

In thinking about augmenting my workspace in some altering, enhancing, or disruptive way, I naturally referred to my literal workspace outside of the classroom, which tend to be nightlife and entertainment venues.

These are environments which I often spend hours on end in at a time, and contain within them large opportunities for augmentation, . . . → Read More: Initial Mind map