Serial Communication Tutorials

These tutorials are eye-opening!

Here is a link to my ‘homework’ video:

For the first Call/Response exercise I used two different sensors – tilt and light, with ‘wonky’ results. For the second Call/Response I used two of the same – both light sensors – with much smoother, less erratic results.

Unfortunately my trial copy of . . . → Read More: Serial Communication Tutorials

Project 3 _ ‘Confessions’ group

We are forming a project based on the idea of relieving oneself of a secret or confession. Our group is:

• Cris Mora

• Pui Chintraruck

• Andrew Forbes

• John Harvey

‘Colour Me!’, the Pollen-picking Game

“Hello” from Peggy, John and Hudson. We’d like to introduce you to our new game, ‘Colour Me!’ ‘Colour Me!’ is a two-player, Kinect-based game.

The game world consists of a stick figure in a landscape of simple shapes and colours. The figure’s chest is round and contains a grid of 25 empty circles. This grid . . . → Read More: ‘Colour Me!’, the Pollen-picking Game

The Anti-RSI Mousepad _ John

The Anti-RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) Mousepad is a medically-related desktop gadget-gift for those suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. Stemming form my own experience w/ carpal tunnel syndrome, the mousepad could conceivably be underwritten by a surgical supply or drug company as marketing leave-behinds for surgeons whose practices address the injury.

The mousepad uses an 1.5 . . . → Read More: The Anti-RSI Mousepad _ John

Hi, it’s John

Hi everyone,

By know you probably know my story. I went to art school here (a while ago) and I’m a medical illustrator (portfolio).