Chop Shop

Chop Shop (Heather Phenix, Jeremy Littler and Mitzi Martinez) – OCAD DFI, October 2012



Chop Shop is a multi-player, screen-based and sensor-controlled game that speaks to the collaborative and competitive physicality of our work environment. Introducing a playful, tactile game with multi-player capabilities is a way to facilitate interaction between DFI workspace . . . → Read More: Chop Shop

Jerem’y Socially Interactive House Plant

Hi Everyone:

Here is a picture of my socially interactive house plant. The idea was to have a plant that needed talking to. The light colours would change either due to room lighting or someone speaking to the plant. Also, there would be a Processing app that would visually indicate the “happiness” of the plant . . . → Read More: Jerem’y Socially Interactive House Plant

Jeremy :) Hello



Jeremy – San Fransisco


Hi Everyone:

My name is Jeremy Littler. I am LEAD New Media at the Rogers Communications Centre at Ryerson Unversity. Prior to that I was a Digital Media Designer (also at Ryerson). I have a B.A.A. in Applied Geography, a Master’s in Communications and Culture and an . . . → Read More: Jeremy 🙂 Hello

Jeremy – Project 1

Hi Everyone:



Here is the link to Jeremy’s Social Plant.

I’ve added the pdf notes and the arduino sketch.

Jeremy Social Plant Project – Personal Project for DIGK6K01-Kate+Nick