Resources for Getting Connected


Jackson & Imaan:

Heartbeat Dress – Anouk Wipprecht Pillow Talk – Joanna Montgomery Kissenger Sparkfun Heating Pad Processing/Arduino Application with Cosm

Yuxi, Maz, Hudson:

DJ Hoodie Sounds Walks – Janet Cardiff Making Things Talk**, Project 31: Personal Mobile Datalogger Arduino Cookbook**, 4.12: Logging Arduino Data to Computer Arduino Cookbook**,18.1: Storing Data in . . . → Read More: Resources for Getting Connected

Wireless Resources

Links from Thursday night’s class:


Connecting Light [video] Smart Apron Digi XBee Gallery Technical guides & products: Sparkfun’s Wireless Buying Guide Sparkfun XBee Buying Guide 28-mile XBee XBee Internet Gateway (XIG) XBee Datasheet XBee Product Manual How Tos: ITP Bluetooth Lab Digi XBee Examples Social Body Lab Super Hero Communicator Cuffs . . . → Read More: Wireless Resources

Prep for Wireless Class

Here are some things you can do in preparation for Thursday’s class:

Do the Serial Lab. Read Sparkfun’s guide on How to Read a Datasheet. Spend some time getting more comfortable with Processing, either with the Getting Started with Processing Book or some of the other resources I recommended last week. Do a first read . . . → Read More: Prep for Wireless Class

Processing & Kinect Resources

For those of you who are using Processing & Kinect, here are two books that I’d recommend:

It just so happens that with a Toronto Public Library card you get access to Safari Tech Books Online which includes these books and others. This is a massively valuable resource and includes the following titles . . . → Read More: Processing & Kinect Resources

Arduino Rube Goldberg Machine

Wikipedia says:

A Rube Goldberg machine, contraption, invention, device, or apparatus is a deliberately over-engineered or overdone machine that performs a very simple task in a very complex fashion, usually including a chain reaction. The expression is named after Americancartoonist and inventor Rube Goldberg (1883–1970). –

Your task (DFI Masters students) is to create a . . . → Read More: Arduino Rube Goldberg Machine

Post-Project 1 Resources

Some things that might be helpful for you…


Creatron Active Surplus Digikey Sparkfun Adafruit Robotshop – Montreal. Good for robotics parts.

Fritzing – for circuit drawings and diagrams. Includes a library of Arduinos! Upverter – **Zak Homuth is speaking at OCAD next week. Details here.

More Arduino tutorials:

Smoothing Calibration TIP 120 for higher . . . → Read More: Post-Project 1 Resources

Hi, my name is Kate.

Hi – I’m Kate Hartman, 50% of the duo that will act as your fearless leaders in the adventures of Creation & Computation. I co-taught this course last Fall with Jim Ruxton, although it has changed a great deal since then. I moved to Toronto in 2009 to join the Digital Futures Initiative, have . . . → Read More: Hi, my name is Kate.