M2=V (Music + Movement = Visualz)

Input in: center of mass dancers + beatDetector track = screen viz

Source Code: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/etb2jxd98sh49yb/IrXRLIRJnS




We used the oscP5message code by andreas schlegel to receive data from the Center Of Mass Server for Kinect by Nick Puckett.


From this base we added on pieces of code from this example:


. . . → Read More: M2=V (Music + Movement = Visualz)

Point Cloud

Fellow Nerdz,

Check out this cool PDE sketch I found:

You’ll need this library though. openkinect.zip


Have fun!


iMac Heat Sensor


So it all started with freezes when attempting to render my motion graphics in FCPX. Very frustrating. So I thought: how can I use my Arduino to avoid this freeze ups? I noticed that when my iMac would heat up, the render times would be much slower and the possibility of freezes would increase. . . . → Read More: iMac Heat Sensor