The Lightness of Sound

By Jeremy Littler and Mitzi Martinez

What is The Lightness of Sound?

SEE The Lightness of sound:

Based in the LUMARCA design created by Albert Hwang, Matt Parker and Eliot Woods (, The Lightness of Sound is an installation designed to visualize music in a . . . → Read More: The Lightness of Sound

Dimming light – Mitzi Martinez

Dimming Lamp.


My project was to create a lamp that would dim as you step away from it.


Fading a Led

Tried this example from the tutorials from the Arduino site.

Proximity Sensor

While browsing the Arduino forums I bumped into this library for another Sharp proximity sensor. It looks very similar . . . → Read More: Dimming light – Mitzi Martinez


Hi all,

My name is Mitzi, I grew up in Mexico city and worked there as a writer and copywriter for radio, magazines, TV and interactive media. For the past 6 years and up to Septembers first week, I lived in Madrid and worked as a Compliance Test Specialist in the videogame industry.

Prior . . . → Read More: Mitzi