Eschatology 1/4 – Lindy, Yifat, Alex, Torin

For full documentation go to:

free processing coding book

It seems to be for more advance visualization in processing (like particles and fractal), but it’s worth a look (I found his instructions pretty good). Also it’s under a creative common licence, so you can read it for free (and donate some money if you wish)


Emotional Lamp

Yifat Shaik Emotional Lamp

Project Details and video’s can be found here:

and now with a new video




My name is Yifat, I am an Animator/Illustrator/Graphic Designer/Coffee Maker

I grow up somewhere far a way- in a place where camels roam, it’s impossible to get bacon and people are rude. (the camel part is a lie).

I am a bit excited to work with Arduino, and will hopefully will not blow up . . . → Read More: Hello!!!