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Hi Everyone:

My name is Jeremy Littler. I am LEAD New Media at the Rogers Communications Centre at Ryerson Unversity. Prior to that I was a Digital Media Designer (also at Ryerson). I have a B.A.A. in Applied Geography, a Master’s in Communications and Culture and an Advanced Interactive Multimedia Specialization from Humber College. My specific niche at Ryerson (amongst many others!)  is developing webcasting hardware/software solutions.  I love working with electronic gadgets and computer platforms (small and large) and at Ryerson I have a big sandbox!

In my spare time (what was that?), I enjoy playing guitar (not very well) and electric bass (much better) and I have composed a great deal of music over the years, mostly “electronic or ambient”; audio engineering is something I do a lot off at work and at home. When not doing that or keeping my three children (Emma, Charlotte and Madeline) occupied, I love to work on my UniteCast project ( Other than that, it is computers and AR/VR that drive my boat. This is why I decided to go to OCAD!




Some pics of the wife and kids (I was asked (nay forced) to upload these).




I’m a 2nd year DFI grad student. I’m originally from Montreal and did a little growing up in New York. My work now is very project based, and involves producing and marketing a mix of media concepts – from documentary features and TV drama series along with their digital and mobile extensions for clients in Toronto and Los Angeles. The projects have been getting more interactive and focused on integrating multiple platforms into cohesive story worlds. I’m now in the process of negotiating how my own physical computation concepts can fit into all of this and further enhance experiences with content. Recent work can be seen here:

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Howdy doodie

Hello ye’all.  My name is Ryan Rizzo.   I have a background in behavioral advertising and online education.   I have an interest in integrating technology, pedagogy, and change knowledge.  I like big ideas and I’m not afraid of change.

In my wild opinion it’s time to take the lid off learning.  All we need is there to be assembled.  It’s time, to put it in a dramatically exciting way, to meet each-other in the stratosphere where we all get twice the learning for half the price.  Instead of paying for technology that sits on the shelf, lets change the game.  Lets race with the machines. Lets make technology pay!  If we figure it out, we will find that technology wants what we want.  That’s why I’m here.  Go digital futures!



I’m Andrew. I’m from Winnipeg and I’m a cinematographer. I love my work and I’m really lucky that I’ve been able to travel and shoot t.v. shows, documentaries and movies for the past seven years. I’m a big fan of Batman comics, hamburgers and telling stories.

When I was a kid, I was attending this what-to-do-with-your-life conference and was plonked in front of a pile of wires and a breadboard. I remember being told that if I could make a working set of traffic lights – there was even a model road to test with – then I should become an engineer.

So I became an artist instead.

What I find interesting is that, as a cinematographer, I’ve got all these physical and chemical components to use to tell a story, plus all the electronics of the camera, but fundamentally I’ve got no idea how to put any of it together. I just trust that the light will do what I want it to do when I set up these different controls like intensity and diffraction. But what happens if I start to manipulate the information after the camera has recorded it? What if the information can be ordered in a unique way? What if I could build something to reinterpret that stuff and tell a story in a new way? It’s a lot to think about at 11.00 at night.

What’s really cool is that this past weekend I made some leds light up like traffic lights and had a lot of fun doing it.

Hey everyone, it’s Imaan!

Imaan here, introducing myself to you all for the Nth time haha.

Wishing my skills in physical computing were as existent as my skills with wordpress.

…One day….

But that is neither here nor there.

I recently graduated from the University of British Columbia in Kelowna, where I majored in Philosophy. Since moving back to Toronto last year, I co-founded a music, art, and culture company in Toronto called WAY OF ACTING. I also serve as the Multimedia Director, doing everything from pre and post production of photography and videography, social media and website management, as well as brand development and marketing!


Hi, it’s John

Hi everyone,

By know you probably know my story. I went to art school here (a while ago) and I’m a medical illustrator (portfolio).





Introductions are really funny.

Good Morning! My name is Hudson Pridham. I’m coming to the Digital Futures program with and undergrad in architecture from the University of Waterloo. I graduated two years ago and have been working in healthcare architecture designing hospitals from graduation up until this point.

My passion is user experience design; I want to improve the tools and software we use to create and engage with content. This has lead to a few projects I’ve pursued personally and through academia. Take a look at my blog to check a few out but should note first that I’m horrible at keeping my site up to date!