Beep beep, Alex L. here.

My name is Alex, and I am an arts administrator.

As they say, admitting you have the problem is the first step to recovery.

My art space is Site 3 coLaboratory (, a member-driven arts and technology centre best known for having a mostly-functional laser cutter and a slightly unhinged administrative team. I like making amazing things, then helping other people make amazing things, then making them better.


Borzu Talaie is an award-winning designer who has been in the field since 1993. His area of practice ranges from typography and traditional print to new-media, time-based communications and user experience design.

Borzu is the founder and director of Borxu Design, a multi-disciplinary studio where architects, designers, artists and programmers constantly challenge the fundamental theories of function and aesthetics to deliver distinctive solutions to their collaborative projects.

While continuing his studies at the Digital Futures program at OCAD University, Borzu contributes to the discipline by teaching Interactivity Design courses at the Department of Design, York University.


Hi all,

My name is Mitzi, I grew up in Mexico city and worked there as a writer and copywriter for radio, magazines, TV and interactive media. For the past 6 years and up to Septembers first week,  I lived in Madrid and worked as a Compliance Test Specialist in the videogame industry.

Prior to joining the DFI program, I would’ve thought that Arduino was probably a delicious pasta dish, but now I’m pretty exited about learning about it.

Hello, my name is Hank.

Hi everyone,

This is Hank. I do photography and documentary film. I am also in the Master’s program of East Asian Studies in the UofT (going to finish it in November this year). My research focuses on the image reconstruction of rusticated youth in modern China.  I got my bachelor’s degree in computer science when I was in China. I like open source electronics. I am excited to work on something like Arduino.

: )



Hello, my name is Cris

Hi everyone, my name is Cris.

I grew up here in TO, but have been working abroad for a number of years and just moved back for the DFI program.  I have been working as an arts administrator in Calgary, Singapore and London.

All of this stuff is new to me and I’m excited to be learning it.  But if I look scared and confused, somebody please come talk to me…


My name is Yifat, I am an Animator/Illustrator/Graphic Designer/Coffee Maker

I grow up somewhere far a way- in a place where camels roam, it’s impossible to get bacon and people are rude. (the camel part is a lie).

I am a bit excited to work with Arduino, and will hopefully will not blow up any computer in the next few weeks.

also, website, website 2


Oh, hey.


Hello everyone.

Most of you know me by now, but my name is Jackson. I come from an industrial and visual communication design background. I just moved to Toronto for the DFI program.

I’m a big fan of open source culture and am excited to be getting started with Arduino. Neat.


Hi, my name is Kate.

Hi – I’m Kate Hartman, 50% of the duo that will act as your fearless leaders in the adventures of Creation & Computation. I co-taught this course last Fall with Jim Ruxton, although it has changed a great deal since then. I moved to Toronto in 2009 to join the Digital Futures Initiative, have contributed to the development of the undergrad and graduate programs as well as the Wearable Technology Minor, and I kept the seat warm as Interim Director of the graduate program last year before Tom Barker arrived. Needless to say, I’m DFI through and through.

These days I teach mostly physical computing and wearable electronics. I have a strong interest in body-centric technologies and am currently working on a book for O’Reilly Media on the subject. I also direct the Social Body Lab, which is directly adjacent to your workspace and employs a lovely assortment of talented OCAD graduates. In my free time I make pink hats, climb rocks, and daydream about making projects in far flung places like Antarctica.

I’m quite looking forward to the time we’ll be spending together over the next 10 weeks!