Design and then BUILD – the students bring their ideas to life at KESBO

The students started to implement the results of their participatory design process at the KESBO site. The day started with a meeting with a local welder, who will build the climbing structure from the students’ design.

With help from the boys, the group got a great deal accomplished. By the end of the day, the swingsets, which had previously sat unused were cemented permanently in the ground, the holes for the tire obstacle course were completed, paint and other supplies were purchased and delivered to the site, and the construction of the climbing structure was almost complete.

An electrical short caused a delay in the welding for the day. Luckily, the ISAC staff’s extensive network of connections allowed them to bring in a skilled electrician to fix the problem. The electrician generously donated his time to KESBO when he learned it was an orphanage.

Students show design to the local welder.

Iron poles the students bought from the scrapyard and had delivered to KESBO.

Students and the boys move raw materials in place to begin fabrication.

Fabricator welds the climbing structure designed by the students.

The climbing structure begins to take shape.

Vanessa prepares a hole for the swingset.

The boys use the wheelbarrow to transport gravel to mix concrete for the swingsets.

Vanessa works with Muneer to mix concrete for setting the swingsets permanently in place.

Swingsets are set in place with concrete and ready for painting tomorrow.

Kylie digs a hole to place the tires for the obstacle course.

Sarah, Anna, and Vanessa set tires in place for an obstacle course.

Mike and Vanessa high five with Muneer and Muhammad after a long days work.