Distilling the message – students create a versatile visual identity for Sadhana

The Sadhana student group is striving to create a strong visual symbol that will represent Sadhana both to those it works with in the cantonment communities, as well as externally to politicians, other cantonment areas in India, and international organizations about the importance of pushing for human rights for all people. Through research, testing, and iteration, the group has developed a final concept and is working to create several ways is which to use this visual identity. Through traditional dress on a printed sari and kurta, as a woodblock design that can be used with henna on the body, on t-shirts and small flags, as well as on business cards, letterhead, website and on Facebook.

Zimeng and Maya sand blocks made from a freshly hewn Banyan tree. The students visited a local lumbermill in the morning to get woodblocks to use for carving their design.

Monifa traces the group's logo design for Sadhana onto the woodblock.

Zimeng carves a woodblock that will be used as a stamp for henna and for printing on fabric.

Maya prepares two 8ft long peices of sari fabric onto which the group will print their Sadhana symbol.