“Getting down to brass tacks” – setting a project budget and sourcing materials

By the end of the day on Monday, students from both groups were tasked with finalizing their designs and then determining the supplies and resources needed to complete their proposed projects by Friday.

The Sadhana group prepared their final designs to share with Savita. They then traveled on the train to Lonavala to look for materials needed to create a woodblock and for sari and kurta fabric on which to print their design.

Sadhana group's designs

Sadhana group's esimated budget for finishing the project.

The KESBO group simplified their design and worked with ISAC to find a welder who could fabricate a climbing structure for their proposed playspace. They traveled with Farooq, ISAC staff, to a metal scrapyard in nearby Kamshet where they were able to buy the iron needed and have it delivered to the KESBO site.

Students' revised design for a climbing structure at KESBO.

Site plan for the new playspace at KESBO.

KESBO group's budget estimates for completing the playspace.