day 1.

To start I, Felipe Sarmiento, would like to point out that my analysis, essays, etc. That I would be writing in India and about India, would try to focus on my experience throughout this journey, I would try to not show what everyone in the world already knows about this culture –their poverty­–. I was warned by its poverty by mostly everyone that knew about my trip, and I think it would be foolish of me travel all this distant to reiterate what my acquaintances said. To communicate an idea, sometimes details hold the key, and my essays are not different from this, however I will try to avoid yellow journalism, since it could bring a negative connotation to my argument, this is not a writing about the poverty of India, instead is about my experience on how the people and the culture have adapt to their destiny and make the best out of it.

Day one, all my friends tell me out how different is going to be, their parents explain to you that the cultural shock will hit you as soon as I get off the plane, I guess with all the warning that you received you are waiting for the worse and try to be ready for it. As soon as the plane landed and I got out to the airport I knew it was not the worse I was expecting something less civilized, after all Mumbai is one of the biggest cities in the world so a system (even a chaotic one) had to be present so the city could be where it is know. While picking my luggage and going through immigration was not as abnormal as I had pictured it.

Then we start driving towards our temporary home, we were to be transported by a prepaid taxi, yet this taxi was probably manufacture in the early 60’s I could tell since the speedometer didn’t reach more than 100 km\h there was not back light in the board and for trunk was minimum, however the shine silver lines at the bottom, nice clean headlights, clean interior would suggest that this car was made a few years ago and was ready for the adventures, it really transports you back in time.

As we start to drive I then start notice some examples of the poverty we were all warned back in Canada, so there was not surprise there what they did not warned you is that the poverty doesn’t really stop. No matter how ready you mind set is, and how prepare you are for the circumstances your mind, body and soul can only process so much, not to long after you will be overwhelm of the circumstances people leave here and not matter how ready you are to understand it.