Participatory Design in action with KESBO

The KESBO design team worked from their research and interviews to determine a direction for their design project. They found that the creation of a designated play space is a needed and wanted addition to the KESBO campus. While the boys who live at KESBO play in the open space between the main building and dining hall there is no designated space that encourages interaction, especially between boys of different ages and abilities. This led to preliminary ideas and sketches of potential built structures that could encourage creative play across age groups and athletic ability.

They brought these sketches to show Mr. Ali and the boys. Through discussions, further questions, voting, and sketching on the part of the boys, the team was able to find a clear direction for their design proposal. The next step is further refinement of the concept incorporating the boy’s drawings, comments, and Mr. Ali’s feedback and discussion of available materials and resources.

The team shows preliminary sketches for play structure designs to Mr. Ali.

Aftab, ISAC staff, helps the students delineate the site of a designated playspace on the KESBO campus using lime powder and string.

Arielle shows the boys the different ideas for play structures at the site of the new playspace.

Each boy voted for his favourite design by placing a stone on the corresponding sketch.

The boys voted twice: first, en masse, and second with a secret stone ballot with each boy choosing his favourite design without the other boys seeing his vote. Both votes were tallied to determine the most popular design.

The team then asked the boys to draw other ideas they have for the playspace. Several drew a cricket field; Aftab and the boys explained the basics of the game to Vanessa.