The Return

As we fell into place with the routine of everyday life. As we fell into place with the routine of the train. As we fell into place with the people, we have changed. Design is no longer an intimate process but a collaborative one that u have to keep going back to.

The collaborative journey was a long and hard one, although only two weeks. We accomplished the commencement of an identity that will continue to flourish, Created by a community of unknown and foreign designers. ┬áThe people that were met along the way were gracious, giving, happy and loving. I looked forward to the children’s laughter and greetings as we arrived. To hear the words ” I miss you” from Ajay made my last day at Sadhana a joy as he gave us each a parting gift.

The end of the journey was a joyous one as we danced the night away in our colourful saris.  the morning brought goodbyes and hidden emotions as I parted for journey back to Toronto.