Enjoy the Good Side

Coming back and living back in Canada feel so surreal, when it should been the opposite, I feel that I should go back to Malavli because I have to make sure I catch on of those ground crabs, to make sure I did lock the door or even to pick up my lunch from the yellow house. As soon as I walk in my room, I was happy to see all my stuff again but at the same time I realize how useless some of the stuff is. I feel that I discover how the other part of the world is living and coming back to Canada where everything is quite, organized; where I don’t have to turn the heater of the washroom before using it, where I will not get food poison from eating a hot dogs form the street; seems like dream of everything been perfect and no reason to fear anything no reason to feel the excitement of life.

I have been thought that every situation has a good side and a bad side and to learn to live life you will have to be aware of the bad side but enjoy the good side, here in Canada the bad side is so hidden that sometimes it doesn’t affect you directly and then you are living in a “good side” for ever you will start to overlook the meaningful stuff. My point is that you will never learn to appreciate the good side you live in because you don’t have the contrast of the bad side. In India I learn to enjoy my fan in my room, I learn to appreciate the naan I got in the restaurant or the rotti I was giving for lunch, I learn to appreciate the 50 rupees I had because I could buy a littler of Aquafina water and 3 packs of chips.

The first purchase I made back in Canada was new sunglasses, and when I bought them it was different, I knew that for once in my life I have to take care of this glasses I have to not think of an object that I can always buy if I loose them, but as a privilege that I am buying sunglasses to protect my eyes from the sun. yes it may sound absurd to think of a sunglasses this way but that is my point, even the most meaningless stuff have a reason for been there. I hope this way of thinking doesn’t go away with time, because it makes me feel that I am still living in a live where there is a bad and a good side.

the good side the bad side.