Project4: Kids In India

Kids in India is a photography book that explains my journey in India throughout the photographs I took of kids in different scenarios, situations or just particular moments in time. On may 10, 2013 I traveled to India with my University, the plan was to work with different communities and help them using our design skills, we had only 3 weeks to choose our organization, plan the project and deliver the results. Each day was long and tiring but also it was full of gratitude.

The process of this book started in India, I knew I had to create something that mix my graphic design skills with all the photos I had, brainstorming was fun I explore the idea of a collage in a big scale, to create an mobile app to watch the photos, but I opt for the book since it could be use in my future as a piece of portfolio for both graphic design and photography portfolio. For the layout I wanted to be clean and conservative I use a renascence composition on the pages to give more importance to the few writing and balance the photo with the text. The cover was challenging but the photo “kids” was just perfect for what I was aiming; a book that attracts the viewer and tells the story of kids and their doings.