The Finally


The project that emerged is an exploration of the environment I was immersed into, the beginnings of something palpable. It represented my relationship to my surrounding spaces, which were most times confined by people.  How I used the spaces and navigated India was organic and predetermined ordered chaos.  The people I met along the way became the nodes of interest, which were lingering moments that then transformed into to patterns. Groups of women became splashes of vibrant warm hues and men cool and neutral shades. So, yes this is a painting of people, but the act of building my canvas, with reclaimed wood, and the placement of each figure became an act of navigation, which was my Indian experience. The navigation between planks and figures created voids and solids that are experienced in all environmental design. The people become set into the foreground and background creating depth but also a feeling of a crowd.

At the end of the day I don’t consider myself just designer because I am in the environmental design stream. I am a creator. My Indian experience has solidified that my discipline is not just one but many. This project is a reflection of the hats I choose to portray today which are an artist, a producer, and a designer.

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The Finally Video