Hey guys, it’s Judgment Day!

Today was decision day, and let me tell you it was not easy, as we had to choose the organization we would be working with for the duration of the trip. We started the day by discussing all three organizations and our thoughts and feelings on them and potential projects.  After a delicious lunch we got back to work making lists of pros and cons for all three organizations. Then we started the difficult task of trying to figure out which two organizations to work with and which one we would have to tell we are choosing not to work with. After this mindboggling decision we had the task of figuring out who was going to work with which group.  We took a break for dinner to have some time to ourselves to think about this choice we had to make by the end of the evening.


During this time we went to get fitted for our sari blouses. We were warmly welcomed into this families house where they had a variety of sewing machines and motioned to us to take a seat on their bed as we took turns getting fitted. We brought our materials that we had previously chosen a few days earlier and got to choose the cut, style and extra embellishments.  Choosing the style, cut and additional bling for the blouse was in in itself many decisions to make.


On the walk home we were passing Farooq’s (Member of ISAC) house where we were invited in to see his home and meet his family. His home was like nothing I have ever seen before; first of all 35 family members live there and it is a huge house with 5 kitchens, many bedrooms common rooms and one dog with his own small hut. As we sat on a swing sipping chai tea something came to my mind that Arron the project director said the other day “In Toronto you become friends with someone and then you invite them over; in India you invite someone over and then become friends.” This is something I hope to take back home with me. After returning back for dinner things seemed to fall into place and everyone ended up content in their groups. The two organizations we will be working with are Shikshangram (an orphanage) and Sadhana (a humans right organization.)