And so we begin!

Landing in Goa, the humidity and vegetation make for a beautiful landscape and it seems that the vibrant colours of India only become more saturated after rainfall. Having travelled 10 days earlier in Rajasthan with Jacob and Maddy, we had seen more desert areas of India and were able to experience parts of Indian climate and culture before the start of the program.

In the morning, after breakfast and an overview of Beyond Boarders, we piled into a bus and drove around to familiarize ourselves with our surroundings. Everything is overly intriguing, from the varying architecture of buildings to the various brands of cookies in a grocery store. I’m doing my best to accept looking like a tourist. I want to feel ok with looking like a fool at times too, being able to laugh at stupid moments, under rehearsed or completely ignorant, it’s fair to be clueless and I want to connect to that emotion as much as any other during this. Why else are we here but to learn?

We ended the evening by catching the sunset on Colva beach, grazing past shops, taking selfies and attempting our first haggles. I find a relaxed and fun, yet purposeful dynamic with this group and I am excited to begin these 3 weeks of collaboration.

*Thanks to Melih for the first 2 photos of the day!