Community Kite Festival!

Yesterday we went to see the end of El Cocal with taxi and then walk back to get a sense of what’s going on the far end of this little community. El Cocal seemed to get nicer and nicer as we got far away from the first residence. With wider field and tall chaotic trees almost everywhere, It almost felt like that the landscape is trying to make me ignore the fact that there is still garbage hanging around as well. It was interesting to hear from Julius that there is no actual land ownership so maybe right now I can just go there and find a perfect spot that suits me and say this is mine from now on. As far as I know, this is one of the easiest ways to “buy” land without paying for it. During the walk back I noticed that the concept of home is truly relevant to some of these families. The picture of a kind of family lifestyle, with chickens, dogs, birds following each other in the backyard and everyone sitting under a tiny roof with clothes being hanged to dry off anywhere possible, was so fascinating to me.img_13861   img_1523 img_14321 img_14771 img_14511 img_15001

After observing the neighborhood and walking for about thirty-five minutes or so, we got to see the Festival Del Papalote or in other words the Kite Festival. The festival was full of parents, kids, dogs, and teachers and a bunch of retailers selling so many cool stuff. All of these along with the perfect beach to dip your feet in created a complete and very interactive atmosphere for everyone to experience. Even though the festival was meant to be for kids specifically by having a clown and a stage engaging them with various activities, I felt like more than kids it’s the grown-ups who are enjoying the festival. I captured some of these kids playing on the beach, jumping on the trampoline and a lot of them just running around the festival. I thought some activates that were assigned seemed to work well and some, not that much. It was as an example quit obvious that kids loved playing the engaging game of who bites more of the apple were at the end they all held hand to help each other bite more.


They also assigned a game for us and  Zeinab won and walked so proudly away from the whole situation. After a long day, we came back to the hostel and spent the afternoon to finally get together and gather some possible ideas for our project.