Final days are here

Monday, May 28

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We are getting so close to the end of our journey here and the end of the project. We started the morning by continuing to work on our own part of the project and then doing a group discussion in the afternoon to get feedback from everyone else and see how we can improve and present things more cohesively. After doing the group discussion and laying out everyone’s work on the floor It finally felt like every aspect of the project is coming together to create a well-integrated design solution for El-Cocal. It was really interesting for me to see how the children’s education /branding team work’s coordinate with the work from the pilot/infrastructure group. The rest of the day was all about using our design tools, taking the advice from everyone, making wise decisions and hoping that we will all finish everything on time for our final presentation on Wednesday. At this point, I was thinking what if we had more time to spend on the project and in the community. What would be different and how would everything be like? From the beginning of this process, I was thinking of the last week of the project and how things would work without knowing that things are working little by little every day. We all got so tired at night but some of us were awake until one or two hours past midnight.