Garbage Trial Run Day!

In a perfect world, everyone would willingly and happily sort their own garbage to perfection, but then the world wouldn’t be in such an environmental crisis and we wouldn’t be here doing what we do. Going off of that, I realized sorting through household garbage is something no one should have to go through but looking at the bright side of things, some would say it left us—the Waste Infrastructure and Pilot Model team—with a special bond of some sort, although I could do without it if it meant erasing my memory. I sound like I’m whining but we did get the answers and results we’ve been looking for and that’s what is most important so I’m happy. Now we can go on with our project with the accurate numbers, Yay!

img_7685 img_7689

After a much-needed shower and lunch, we were given a exciting tour of a cacao plantation and let me tell you; it would not have been same if we didn’t have such an amazing tour guide who also happens to be the owner of the plantation. With such enthusiasm and passion, Juan really did open our eyes to the cultural richness and historical significance of how cacao was grown and used and the demand for it all over the world. If there is one thing I like, it’s a history lesson given with cultural pride and humor.

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