Last Day All Together :(

Today was our last full day in Costa Rica. Some of us parted ways in La Fortuna while the rest of us made the jaunt out to San Jose for our flights tomorrow. Considering it was our last full day, we really did a lot.

We started our day with an Arenal Volcano tour, which was amazing! It was funny hearing all of us agree that we were “so over seeing monkeys!” since they’re everywhere in Costa Rica. Then we’d quickly change our attitude when we saw Toucans or cool frogs — I wanted this frog as a pet basically all of my life and I don’t know the name of what type of frog it is! It was really quite cool though.



We got to see another waterfall on the hike and go on a few cool bridges. Then we set out to go to a natural hot spring which was such an amazing experience. Some people even got their dead skin eaten by fish … ick! I couldn’t bring myself to do it, but my skin had still never felt more clear because of all of the steam.


Then we all went to eat lunch back in La Fortuna and say our goodbyes to the people staying in Costa Rica that we would be parting ways with. It was actually kind of a happy moment even though the trip was sadly ending, we all had so many memories to share!

Finally, after we split off, the rest of us (10 students left!) got on the bus to go to San Jose. I think a lot of us slept for most of the ride, then slept immediately again at the San Jose hostel. We were going to need all the sleep we could get for our flights tomorrow. There was some bad sushi in between each of those sleepy times though — I’d like more Casados instead, please! What a crazy, amazing day!