Strategies & Sunsets Unseen

Today was another work day for the crew. As the project due date nears, people are scrambling to get their side of the project ready for the home stretch. We start with a debrief at 9:30 am, where everyone discusses what they’ll be working on for the day. Compared to a couple days ago, panic has slightly declined as people get their directions laid out more clearly. Everyone has completely surrendered to the inevitability of the fast-approaching deadline.

I’ve taken the role of designing the visual identity for the community, which basically entails a logo for El Cocal, that can go on signage and so forth. I tell the group that I’ve narrowed it down to three directions, on which I will need some feedback. We agree to meet back at 1:30 with print-outs for an informal critique. We scatter off to our respective holes, and hunker down for some aggressive keyboard punching.

Our meeting later that afternoon is impressively constructive. Along with the branding prototypes, there are trailer mock-ups, way finding signage, a compost shelter rendering and a layout for the calendar which will also include trash pick-up schedule. I’m happy to receive some solid feedback on my designs so I can finally move forward. We all receive useful suggestions and everyone comes away feeling relieved and motivated. We get back to the keyboard slapping to create a presentation that will never actually happen.

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I fall into a flash nap while my so-called friends go watch the sunset without me

(I did not actually view this in person)
Surprise, another birthday… Happy birthday Octavio!