Project 4: Growth

Over the course of our time in Costa Rica, I felt and realized that the experiences and moments I remembered the most, were those in which the OCADU group, those in El Cocal, and I, grew. Three separate experiences throughout this course drove and influenced this piece, all holding different senses of growth; growth of awareness, growth of self, and growth as a designer. These experiences called into question if I had done anything to change notions or outcomes for me or those around me, as well as making me reflect on my work as a designer and my perspectives as a human; some of the answers to these questions and reflections were grim to say the least, but I chose and continue to view them all as a parts in my development.

Taking a conceptual approach to this project, in a sense, I want this piece to be an overarching theme to my life, and a physical reminder to myself as a being, of the growth witnessed, experienced, and the growth that I will continue to go through.

The sculpture itself will consist of wooden dowels of varying sizes placed sporadically in a spiral going upwards, starting off small at the bottom, growing more dynamically acting as both a literal and conceptual representation of physical and self growth. The spiral is by no means perfect, some dowels falling lower or higher relatively, to epitomize both the struggles, and successes of both growth and growing. I chose to use wooden dowels, not only as ode to the vernacular architecture of Costa Rica, but also because are a very versatile art medium; they can be cut into different sizes and range in thicknesses yet retain their same structure, which would ultimately remind myself to stay true to this newfound purpose and to not change my goals of betterment.wfwf wfwf3