2016 Digital Futures Graduate Exhibition

Destination: Tomorrow

Experience the future today with the Digital Futures Graduate Program at OCAD University!

Thesis and Major Projects 2016: presenting the Digital Futures Program’s newest and most innovative Interactive designs, prototypes, installations, and artworks from our 2016 graduating class.

Our graduate program in Digital Futures responds to the increasingly important and sophisticated role of digital technology as a cata- lyst for change with Destination: Tomorrow.

The Digital Futures student-centred learning approach applies to research and practice; our students gain core digital knowledge and skills as they explore their specific areas of interest through electives, industry internships, residencies and independent study.

Digital Futures focuses on practice-based learning, research, making, and prototyping, with an enterprise component and supporting thesis. Industry partnerships help students to build a career runway in advance of graduating.

Our international student cohort and faculty collaborate with worldwide educational and industry partners to bring a global perspective, key to securing our graduates’ futures in the eclectic international creative digital industries, encompassing design, arts, creative services, entertainment, media, and culture.

http://www.ocadu.ca/academics/gradu- ate-studies/digital-futures.htm

The Digital Futures program is offered in partnership with the Canadian Film Centre (CFC) Media Lab.

Digital Signage

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