Adam Owen

Adam Owen is a writer and designer specializing in Content Strategy and User Experience Design. Adam studies the intersection of digital technology and physical space, and has a long history working with cultural organizations such as The Design Exchange, We Day and Canadian Stage. His artistic work has been mounted in Toronto, Hamilton and Kitchener.

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Chen Ji is a web-page designer with a graphic and animation design background. Chen has 3 years work experience as a web-page designer in Shanghai. He has worked in advertising agencies, e-business companies & Sina (a renowned public company in China).

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Chris Olsen is a multidisciplinary designer with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in New Media from Ryerson University, with a passion for interaction design, user experience and physical computing. He is a volunteer in the Toronto maker scene, having taught at Girls Learning Code. His creative work is inspired by psychology, science fiction and nature.

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Daniah has an undergraduate degree in Graphic Design from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. She is pursuing a Master’s degree in Design in the Digital Futures Initiative program at OCAD University. Her primary area of interest is technology’s potential to assist people with disabilities in cultivating independence. She aims to explore the potential for multimedia to assist children with Cerebral Palsy in rehabilitation and social engagement.

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Elliott Fienberg

Elliott’s interests sit at the intersection between new media and sound art. Through initiatives such as the Soundhackers Meetup and Sound Spaghetti, he brings awareness to the importance of sound in our everyday lives. He envisions a future where the tools of creative expression are accessible to everyone.

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Hart Sturgeon Reed received a BA in Consciousness Studies at the Evergreen State College in Wash- ington State. Hart builds interactive projects and games with web technologies. He enjoys learning about animals large and small, thinking about brains, and exploring virtual worlds. He is an MDes student in the Digital Futures program at OCAD university. When not staring at a screen he is usually hiking, longboarding, or taking dog-friends to the park.

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Hector Centeno is a digital media artist, interactivity designer and creative software developer with nearly two decades of experience as an independent and collaborating artist, sound designer, interactive media programmer and media art technician. His focus is on immersive sound, visuals and interactivity that seeks to engage the audience into a self reflection of existence, place and reality. He is currently an MFA student of the Digital Futures program at OCADU in Toronto.

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Katie Kotler is a Toronto-based visual artist, musician and writer. Her practice is focused on incorporating digital animation into a physical space. Kotler’s work has been shown at Pleasure Dome, Milk Glass Gallery and as part of Angell Gallery’s Toronto Digital Projects. Recorded as Chanteclair, her 2013 album, Dance Madness, was on various annual best-of lists. Kotler has written for Torontoist, Snap! Magazine and Little Burgundy.

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Lee Jones is an interaction designer with a background in art history. Before her Masters of Design in Digital Futures, Lee started the publication Art & Science Journal which covers artworks with themes of science, nature and technology for over 250,000 subscribers. In her work she focuses on combining art with technology for mindfulness and reflection, and after graduation she will be pursuing a PhD in Digital Media.

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Mehnaz Aydemir has a BA in Industrial Design and completed her Master in Design degree at OCAD University, Digital Futures program. Mehnaz has interest in digital installations, product design with digital touch, and wearables. She dreams of a future where all children can play and learn in a new education system that can be based on creativity.

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Monica Virtue is a filmmaker interested in telling stories in unique new ways. She specializes in producing and archival/ investigative research. At OCAD, her emphasis is on experiential design for public spaces, including installations with moving images, illuminated pathways and locative/film hybrids.

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Phuong Vu received his Master’s of Science in Computer Science from the Helsinki University of Technology in Finland. He worked at several software companies before partaking in the Digital Futures Master of Design program at OCAD U. His interests lie in the fields of creative programming, the Internet of Things, big data, and distributed systems.

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