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Hart Sturgeon Reed received a BA in Consciousness Studies at the Evergreen State College in Wash- ington State. Hart builds interactive projects and games with web technologies. He enjoys learning about animals large and small, thinking about brains, and exploring virtual worlds. He is an MDes student in the Digital Futures program at OCAD university. When not staring at a screen he is usually hiking, longboarding, or taking dog-friends to the park.

Project –¬†Microcosm


Microcosm explores the potential of responsive, evolving games through the lenses of play theory and cybernetics. It aims to provide an engaging play experience while supporting the exploration of dynamic networks. It is inspired by biological models of cell signalling and neural networks. Building on the framework of play theorist James Carse, microcosm is an attempt to create an infinite game that is played not to be won, but to keep all participants in play.

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