Katie Kotler is a Toronto-based visual artist, musician and writer. Her practice is focused on incorporating digital animation into a physical space. Kotler’s work has been shown at Pleasure Dome, Milk Glass Gallery and as part of Angell Gallery’s Toronto Digital Projects. Recorded as Chanteclair, her 2013 album, Dance Madness, was on various annual best-of lists. Kotler has written for Torontoist, Snap! Magazine and Little Burgundy.



Art Movement is the result of three years of theoretical and studio-based research on the status of contemporary digital art and its relation to the minimalist sculpture Light and Space Movement, an older movement in minimalist sculpture. This project brought to life the notion that these two movements are related; my studio practice bridged the theoretical underpinnings that connected the two. Through theory, animation, video projection and sculpture my research was able to discern major themes throughout a number of artists’ work and their intentions.

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