Lee Jones is an interaction designer with a background in art history. Before her Masters of Design in Digital Futures, Lee started the publication Art & Science Journal which covers artworks with themes of science, nature and technology for over 250,000 subscribers. In her work she focuses on combining art with technology for mindfulness and reflection, and after graduation she will be pursuing a PhD in Digital Media.

Industrial Designer from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogot√°, Colombia. Spanish as first language and English as second language. Came to Canada to do her Masters of Digital Futures at OCAD U. In her family, many medical practitioners, from doctors and nurses to physiotherapist, have always surrounded her. This is why since an early age; she became interested in the health field. But she wanted to go beyond and add a little bit of creativity to the many ways people can help other people. So she decided to study Industrial Design. During the last couple of years of her undergraduate program she had the opportunity to participate in several workshops related to people with disabilities and traveled to some places in Colombia to work together with institutions related to this topic. For her, design and health is a great match.


a world of images by paula gomez

In response to the Quantified Self movement, which uses body data for self tracking and self improvement, this thesis explores how aestheticized heart rate data can be used to get us more in touch with our bodies and how we are feeling. Utilizing somaesthetics, an interdisciplinary field with roots in philosophy that combines the soma (the living body) with aesthetics (our sensory perception and appreciation), this thesis explores how we can design interactions that help us to reflect on our embodied experience.

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