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Explore Regent Park is a geolocative storytelling application that immerses the user in the history of Toronto’s Regent Park neighbourhood as they walk through the rapidly changing environment.

Explore Regent Park tracks the user’s device position throughout the park, passively educating the user on the neighbourhood’s history by presenting locationally relevant archival media. To preserve the user’s frame of reference, Designer Adam Owen devised

a unique content strategy and user journey, ensuring that the experience balances contextual relevancy and subject narrative order.

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CHEN JI – MobileSync Web

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With the development of mobile technology, smart-phones have be- come a necessity in our daily lives. Various sensors and multi-touch screens of smart-phones have contributed to a large amount of functional and excellent mobile applications and games. However, the support on interactive web-pages is not sufficient.This project proposes a new way for people to browse interactive web-pages which can lead user experiences, by use of mobile technology, to a new place.

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EXOSPECTRA is a project based around the exploration of calm technology and information visualization. More specifically the work created demonstrates how light-based “calm” devices can be made more informative by taking cues from techniques within the field of information visualisation. The resulting devices were proof-of-concept versions of the design principles explored, they strived to not distract the user but rather enrich the user’s peripheral space with information. My hope was to create a device that could emulate the ease of looking out of a window on a sunny day in order to determine what kind of weather is in store for you.

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DANIAH SAIMALDAHAR – KIJO: Virtual Pet Companion

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Daniah has an undergraduate degree in Graphic Design from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. She is pursuing a Master’s degree in Design in the Digital Futures Initiative program at OCAD University. Her primary area of interest is technology’s potential to assist people with disabilities in cultivating independence. She aims to explore the potential for multimedia to assist children with Cerebral Palsy in rehabilitation and social engagement.


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Sound Spaghetti

Sound Spaghetti was created to help younger audiences learn about the fundamentals of synthesis by encouraging free play. Using a tactile interface, users experiment by plugging in various waveforms and seeing how these combinations change the shape on the oscilloscope. To get started, make a connection with the larger cable (or spaghetti) which activates your oscillator. This should sound like a basic tone. From there you can modify the tone using LFOs (represented by the smaller plugs). You can make it sound more exciting by exploring the different combinations in front of you.

In my study, I found that digital natives love to read novels, but sometimes struggle to share their reading experiences. Annotations in Conversation is a network of reflections designed to inspire discussion and introspection, empowering readers to stay immersed in the world of books.

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Microcosm explores the potential of responsive, evolving games through the lenses of play theory and cybernetics. It aims to provide an engaging play experience while supporting the exploration of dynamic networks. It is inspired by biological models of cell signalling and neural networks. Building on the framework of play theorist James Carse, microcosm is an attempt to create an infinite game that is played not to be won, but to keep all participants in play.

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