Shengquan Chai is an UX/UI designer with a graphic and animation background. He has two years App & Web UX/UI design work experience. With a life-long passion with traditional culture design, he and his partners cooperated with Samsung and designed three Chinese traditional culture Apps. Their E-Book App Heavenly Creation won the A’ Design Award in Digital and Broadcasting Media Design Category in 2014-2015 period. He also loves and has some experience in game design.

Project – Virtual Urban Gallery

Public art is important not only for its aesthetic appearance, but also for the history and culture of the city it inhabits. However, it is not possible to build a physical gallery for public art. The only way to display them together is virtually. Public art has an intimate relationship with the environment surrounding it. Virtual Reality technology provides new opportunities for audiences to appreciate public art in its environmental and spatial context. This thesis investigates the use of VR to create an interactive virtual gallery of public art in Toronto. This work is an attempt to integrate 3D urban modeling and game exploratory experiences to simulate a visiting experience that allows audience to appreciate public artworks and learn about their story. The research addresses the questions of distribution, information collection and exhibition, exploration and user experience, historical development of virtual reality and interaction methods. Prototypes were developed and tested to assess new methods for appreciating public artworks in virtual space.

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