StudentMoveTO survey seeks insights on your commute


Throughout October and early November, OCAD U is participating in the StudentMoveTO survey, along with many other colleges and universities across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA).

The study is part of a 3-year program which aims to provide insights that will lead to actions relating to post-secondary students’ transportation needs, challenges and experiences. We posted about the results of the first iteration of this study back in 2016, if you’re keen to check out the data. At that time, a key finding was that one third of Toronto’s 184,000 university students were spending two hours or more travelling to and from campus on school days, and one-quarter of them live at least 20 kilometres away from their destination — and that these facts had a big influence on course planning and scheduling for students.

Whether you drive, walk, bike or take transit, your participation is key to the study. Transportation policy and plans must be informed by an understanding of the travel demands and experiences of students like yourself. In addition, the vitality and success of universities and colleges depend on options for students to reach campuses at all hours of the day so that they can participate effectively in campus life. Your participation in this study will make a tangible contribution to the development of transportation policy in this region.

Daily throughout the survey period, randomly selected OCAD U students will receive an email invitation to the survey in their student email accounts. If you volunteer to participate, you will be asked to fill out an online questionnaire, which focuses on trips that you take in one full day (yesterday) as well as your general experience with the transportation system. The survey takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete. When filling out the survey, you may choose to sign up for a chance to win a $50 bookstore gift card. A total of 50 gift cards will be given away.

You can access the survey by logging in using your OCAD U credentials, but none of this personal information will be saved in the survey database. This research study was approved by the OCAD University Research Ethics Board (REB# 2019-61).

We look forward to learning, OCAD U!