Saluti da Firenze!

Faculty of Art Florence Program Students

A brief update on our revamped Florence programs

As the Fall 2019 term wrapped up, so too did our first offering of the revamped Faculty of Art Florence Program. As per the recommendations of the Report of the Florence Program (August 2018), the program is now offered over a single-term, led by a new faculty member annually based on a changing thematic. The new model for the Florence studio reorganizes and centralizes its administration and its related legal/financial obligations under the office of the Vice-Provost, Students & International, while academic programing remains the responsibility of the Faculties.

Faculty of Art students in the Florence Studio. Photo: Anda Kubis.

Faculty of Art students in the Florence Studio. Photo: Anda Kubis.

This year’s offering of the Faculty of Art Florence Program was led by Professor Anda Kubis, who guided the directed study program along the theme of ‘Expanding Perspectives and Consciousness in Art and Design’, a framework to explore a range of disciplines, included digital practices.

Faculty of Art Florence Program students in Rome.

Faculty of Art Florence Program students in Rome. Photo: Anda Kubis.

While studio work is the cornerstone of the Faculty of Art program, participants have been making their way around other cities in Italy before heading home. The students experienced this year’s exceptional Acqua Alta in Venice, the flooding that occurs in the city during very high tides combined with prevailing seasonal winds. This year’s water levels were among the highest yet experienced, and have renewed concern and discussion about climate change and how to protect the treasured city, its art and architecture.

The Acqua Alta in St. Mark’s Square

The Acqua Alta in St. Mark’s Square. Photo: Anda Kubis.

As part of the 2018 review, the Florence studio is now a resource open the entire university to program for multiple types of learners. Between academic offerings, we offer short Creator-in-Residence courses open to the general public. The next sessions are scheduled for April 2020 and registration is open now. In December, we issued a call for proposals for short, non-credit courses and will be releasing these new spring offerings shortly. We’re also developing partnerships for accessing the studio and building our profile in Italy: OCAD U professor Andrea Fatona will participate, along with a student, in Black History Month Florence in February. Toronto’s  Feminist Art Collective will host a residency in the Florence studios in July 2020.

As we continue working to implement the recommendations of the Florence Report, we’ll be publishing an update that evaluates the impacts of the changes implemented so far. Stay tuned for that to come in the near future.

In the meantime, if you are interested in any of the programs mentioned above, here are the links for more information and registration:

Faculty of Art Florence Program, Fall 2020 – for year 3/4 OCAD U undergraduate students

Creator-in-Residence 1-week programs, April 2020 – for creative practitioners

For information on upcoming courses and programs, contact Jennie Suddick, Manager, International Projects & Partnerships,